Introducing Savia

Our scent, Savia, is perfect for the spring-summer season. It embodies the freshness of spring with citrus notes inspired by the orange trees in Coorg. Coorg is an offbeat destination for travelers but for seekers of nature, it is a paradise. It’s Orange County with it’s vivacious spectrum and the tangy scents are a sheer treat to the eyes and nose, while the melodious chirping of the Golden Oriole bird feels like music to the ears. Perfectly encapturing the essence of these unique delights, Savia fills your senses with a truly special experience. 

The fragrance notes have a strong base of sweet citrus orange with a hint of sage that adds complexity to the scent profile. One whiff of the candle lit up in your space, and you are instantly transported to a deliciously sunny afternoon as you laze on your picnic blanket with a book under the orange trees in Coorg. With its zesty scent perfectly complementing every idyllic golden hour, Savia is one to leave you truly energized, refreshed and centered.

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