Introducing Nilambur

The bohemian rhapsody of spring – summer is embedded in our artisanal, luxury candles with its unique hues and tunes. The rustle of leaves tuning to the music of the breeze. The sunrise blends with the beat of chirping birds. The wind itself syncs with the aroma of flower and foliage alike. Nilambur, our most beloved artisanal candle, was created to embody the feeling of being lost in the deep, dense Mahogany Teakwood forests of Kerala. The earthy and bold scents of strong teakwood dominate the calming forests. It’s aroma enchants the senses and soothes the mind. 


Enveloping the fragrance and rich anti-oxidants of teakwood whilst combining it with notes of sandalwood, the Nilambur candle brings home the tranquil energy of Kerala’s teak forests in its scents and instantly transports to this region in God’s Own Country. Nilambur makes the perfect gift for the nature lover. With a scent that is deeply inspired from teakwood and fresh forests – this one enlivens the room like no other.


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