Shola Flowers & How They Are Made

Our shola flowers are made from the stems of the shola plant (Aeschynomene aspera). They are a craft found in West Bengal and require skill and expertise. The making is labor-intensive and is done by our artisans who have been trained in the art form for generations. Here's the beautiful and unique process of how shola flowers are made:

Shola plants are typically harvested during the monsoon season (July-September) when they are in full bloom. The stems are cut and brought to a drying area. The stems are dried in the sun for several days until they become stiff and easy to work with. The dried stems are cut into thin strips using a sharp knife or blade. The strips are then shaped into petals, leaves, and other parts of the flower using special tools and techniques. The shaped parts are then glued together using a special adhesive made from the roots of the shola plant. Once the flower is assembled, it is painted using natural or synthetic dyes to give it a vibrant and realistic appearance. The final step involves adding finishing touches like stamens and stems to complete the flower.

After these long and laborious steps, the unique shola flowers are available for sale with us at Aelin! We have collaborated with these talented artisans to create these everlasting and sustainable flowers to light up your home. 

With each shola flower you purchase from us, a portion of the sales go straight to the artisans who made it. This is a collaboration between Aelin and the Artisan Community of West Bengal.

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