The Story

Welcome to the world of Aelin.

Aelin - in literal translation means - bright.

A bright light that transforms your space, taking you on a journey to experience India in a unique way. It is an ode to self-love from nature’s bounty.

A homegrown brand, we tap into the slow living lifestyle and transport you to moments in time as if you are right there with us.

At Aelin, we believe that living beautifully should be effortless which is why all our products are created and curated with utmost thought only for you.

We cater to all those creative, adventurous and passionate people who want to experience the beauty of India with a twist.


We are passionate to do more than business and are dedicated to making our communities better. From partnering with NGOs and providing for those in need, to helping our local areas go greener, we strive to extend our happy space above and beyond.


We take our biggest inspiration from the great outdoors to create our products. And the smallest thing we can give back, is to be conscious of our role in helping the environment by using all measures to be completely sustainable.