Introducing Emodi

The first scent we created is called Emodi. The name Emodi comes from the word “Syringa Emodi” or “Himalayan Lilac". Inspired by the Valley of Flowers in the Himalayan Mountain Range, the candle is an homage to the flawless wild beauty of alpine flora in these high terrains. 

The fragrance notes are classically floral with a focus on wild lilacs. What makes this candle smell different is the addition of black pepper adding a complexity to the scent unlike any other. On smelling the candle, you are instantly transported to a crisp morning as you take a morning hike amidst the lilacs in the Himalayas. We envision this candle to be a beautiful start to your day - as you get ready to face the world - adding a burst of floral freshness straight from the untouched meadows of the Himalayas to your home.

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